• December 2, 2020

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Help user guides put together to help newbies to the air rifle & air pistol shooting world. Also some useful shooting tips or ideas for seasoned pro air rifle enthusiasts

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What does a regulator do for a PCP? and do

What does a regulator do for a PCP Airgun, and do I need one? This is a very appropriate question right now as a number of PCP air rifle manufacturers have started offering ‘regulated’ versions of existing models, such as the Ultimate Sporter ‘R’ from Air Arms and the Daystate Regal ‘HR’. For one of these […]

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Pellets – Everything you need to know

Air Rifle Pellets Now that you have an air rifle, it’s time to decide what type of pellets you should buy. Pellets are often a confusing subject to many people, because of the vast varieties there are to choose from. Choosing the right air rifle pellets for your needs is vitally important to accomplishing your […]

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Air Rifle Accuracy Tips & Tricks

Air Rifle Accuracy Tips & Tricks Do you find it hard to hit right where you’re aiming with your air rifle sometimes? You’re not alone. Both beginners and advanced airgun enthusiasts struggle with accuracy from time to time. Whether it’s your fault or the fault of the gun, misses can occur frequently. Below are some […]

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Airgun barrel cleaning with VFG felt pellets

Airgun barrel cleaning with VFG felt pellets Using felt wads/pellets to clean an air rifles barrel reliably is super easy, first insert one of the cleaning pellets then inset a regular pellet behind it and fire into a shielded stop such as an old rag or tea towel. Cleaning airgun barrels can be a funny […]