• September 25, 2020

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Latest news from the world of Ronnie Sunshines, news about our website, our gun shop or maybe our indoor gun range in berkhamsted.


BSA R-10 SE .177 Pellet Test

BSA R-10 Pellet Test BSA R-10 Pellet Test So here at Ronnie Sunshines, We have launched a new video series which you may have seen called ‘PAP Test’ (Power, Accuracy & Pellet Test). You can have a look at our video test here What’s the test about? The whole point of the Ronnie Sunshines PAP […]


New 2020 Hawke Sidewinder Scopes

2020 Hawke Sidewinder Scopes New for 2020, These Hawke Sidewinder’s are the so called, must have high performance multi-discipline scopes. Much improved on the previous models, the all new Sidewinder’s have had a huge upgrade – The scope is built with the H5 optical platform.     The upgrades on the optic include lighter, stronger, […]


FX Airguns Wireless Chronograph

The FX Wireless Chronograph A chronograph is one of an air-gunners favourite tools. Some chronographs are large and not easily transportable, but now you have this awesome wireless pocket chronograph from FX. Using a Chronograph is a good way to test the health of your rifle and to make sure that you’re not exceeding the […]

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All New Umarex Legends M1A1 Legendary

All new Umarex legend M1A1 The Umarex Tommy Blowback Air Rifle Air rifles are changing all the time, and maybe you’re looking for a classic and want to go back in time? Well, this all new Umarex Legend M1A1 air rifle may just be the solution. The Thompson aka Tommy Gun was created in 1920 […]


Air Arms to the rescue

Today has been one of those days that make it all worth while. Dan and his Dad Alan first came to Ronnie Sunshines early last year with a very old BSA Ultra which they had picked up second hand from a friend and they wanted to see if we could help them to mount a […]


Ronnie Sunshine’s Royal British Legion Rifle Raffle Raises £4,520

This Sunday the 11th of November is Remembrance Sunday and Armistice day. This year it commemorates 100 years since the end of the First World War. Sadly WWI was not the war to end all wars and since many of our soldiers have lost their lives or suffered physical or mental injuries serving our nation. […]