Weihrauch HW100 .177 Pellet Test

Weihrauch HW100 Pellet Test

Weihrauch HW100 Pellet Test

So here at Ronnie Sunshines, We have launched a new video series which you may have seen called ‘PAP Test’ (Power, Accuracy & Pellet Test). You can have a look at our video test here

Weihrauch HW100

What’s the test about?

The whole point of the Ronnie Sunshines PAP test is that we are getting the Air rifles straight out of the box to see what the power is like, what the accuracy is like, and if a style/weight of a pellet makes a difference.

Pellets we tested 

The 8 types of pellets we tested were the Domed QYS, Domed Air Arms Diabolo Field, RWS Superpoint, BSA Blue Star, Domed RWS Super Field, H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme, Domed H&N Field Target Trophy and Domed JSB Exact Diabolo.  Let’s have a look at the stats for each pellet.

QYS Pellets

QYS pellets



So as we can see with the QYS pellets after shooting 5 shots through the chrono, we got an average of 11.3 ft/lb, and after a 5 shoot grouping, you can see the pellets were slightly right. Specs of pellet – .177 Domed, 8.48gr



Air Arms Diabolo Field

Air Arms Diabolo



After the 5 shot chrono power test with the Air Arms, we got an average of 11.4 ft/lb. The accuracy wasn’t bad either and just about stayed inside the centre circle.  Specs of pellet – .177 Domed, 8.4gr



RWS Super Point Extra

RWS Super Point Extra



Now, the superpoint! Where do we start… With the BSA R-10 SE the accuracy was very poor but as we can see here it isn’t bad at all. It can go anywhere. The power came in at 11.1 ft/lb Spec of pellet – .177 Point, 8.2gr



BSA Blue Star

BSA Blue Star Pellets



Next up is the BSA Blue Star. As you can see, it’s one of the lightest pellets, which could be a factor of the power being lower but it still shot 11ft/lb. The accuracy was great as you can see with most of the hits being in the middle ring. Spec of pellet – .177 Flat head, 8.02gr



RWS Super Field

RWS Super Field



The RWS super field came out with 11.2 ft/lb. The accuracy and grouping was good as it stayed in the middle ring. There wasn’t any random shots, they were all quite tight. Specs of pellet – .177 Domed, 8.4gr




H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme

Baracuda Hunter Extreme



Now, Notice the power increase. The Baracuda is the heaviest pellet we tested, and by far the most powerful, coming in at 11.6 ft/lb. Also there is a small pellet drop due to the heavier weight however the grouping isn’t the best, but these pellets are best for pest control. Spec of pellet – .177 Cross head design, 9.57gr.



H&N Field Target Trophy

Hn Field Target Trophy



The Field Target Trophy. It came out bang-on 11.3 ft/lb with a very good accuracy, similar to the QYS pellets. All of the 5 shots on the target basically stayed in the centre ring. Spec of pellet – .177 Domed, 8.64gr



JSB Exact Diabolo

JSB Exact Diabolo



As we can see, the JSB Exact Diabolo was on the money in this case, the grouping is very tight, indeed it was the best pellet for accuracy. Overall a very good pellet. Spec of pellet – .177 Domed, 8.44 gr.



Thanks for reading. Please feel free to check out our other articles here


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