Air Rifle Hand Acid Rusting Barrel

 Air Rifle Hand Acid Rusting Barrel
Air Rifles

Rust from hand acid

Air Rifle Hand Acid Rusting Barrel 

So, you got yourself a new Air Rifle and now your maybe wondering to yourself – How do I maintain it to keep it shooting and looking its best?

You may consider getting an Air Rifle cleaning kit which is a very important place to start.

Why should I maintain my Air Rifle Barrel? (Exterior)

Air Rifle barrels are very important to maintain. Metal barrels will be exposed to wear and rust. We had a break barrel air rifle barrel in store that rusted because of the acid and moisture from a persons hand. The rusting comes from hand acid (sweat). Air rifle hand acid barrel rust

The air rifle barrel in the picture shows the rust starting to show. The rust came up after a few days which isn’t pleasing to most eyes. This happened because of the sweat from the hand that was used to break the barrel every time the gun was shot and the barrel wasn’t wiped down therefore the rust came up.

How can the rusting on the air rifle barrel be prevented?

In the first place, Air rifles, well most rifle barrels come with a rust and wear protecter which fights against hand acid and rust. This process is called gun bluing. This is a process where the steel is treated to create a small protective shell around the metal. It turns rust into black iron oxide.

Maintaining the outer air rifle barrel is a simple process. Firstly, grab a universal gun cleaning cloth and wipe down the barrel making sure there is no contaminants in the way.

Secondly, once the barrel is dry, put some silicone gun oil onto it and wipe the barrel down. This will help protected your air rifle barrel from rust and wear.

Maintaining the interior of you air rifle barrel

Maintaining the interior of your air rifle barrel is also very important. After each pellet shot, bits of lead is left in the barrel which after a while will lead to your shots becoming inaccurate, with this in mind cleaning is a good idea. Some people say you don’t need to clean inside your barrel but others do never the less it wont do any harm. There are two options – Either a gun maintenance kit or VFG cleaning pellets. You can see our full in depth article on VFG pellets here

Air rifle barrel cleaner







Air Rifle Hand Acid Rusting Barrel

So remember, if water or sweat gets on the air rifle barrel, wipe it down with the universal gun cloth so it drys and then put some silicone gun oil onto the exterior of the barrel to give it rust protection. Comment down below especially if you have any useful tips that you guys use.

In next weeks article, we are launching the new Ronnie Sunshines blast from the past. We will be looking at an old air rifle and some of its features!

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  • I have an old piece of rag which I spray with napier gun oil and wipe over the entire rifle after an outing. I store the rag in a plastic sandwich bag in the top of my cabinet so I don’t forget to do it. Keeping it in the bag also allows me to spray directly on to the rag whilst it’s inside and helps keep the rag moist with oil when being stored. I’ve never had rust and my blueing is still spot on and bright. If I’ve been out in the rain I let the gun dry over night with the stock removed before giving it a good wipe down.

  • Will you do a follow up article on how to fix a barrel that has rust patches?

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