FX Airguns Wireless Chronograph

 FX Airguns Wireless Chronograph

The FX Wireless Chronograph

A chronograph is one of an air-gunners favourite tools. Some chronographs are large and not easily transportable, but now you have this awesome wireless pocket chronograph from FX.

Using a Chronograph is a good way to test the health of your rifle and to make sure that you’re not exceeding the power law of 12FT/LB. It measures the speed and power of your air 2.75_ (5)rifle. This is a fantastic little tool to have at your disposal.


The size of the Fx Chrono is perfect for putting in your gun bag or even your pocket. Its 2.75″ x 2.75″ x 1.7″ making it excellent to move around with you, not forgetting how lightweight it is, weighing in at only 133 grams.

It’s very simple to use, The wireless chronograph communicates via bluetooth to your mobile phone. The app is available for IOS and android. It will show you the feet per second your rifle is shooting at. It stores an exportable shot string and lists the muzzle energy of your rifle in either foot pounds or joules. You can store profiles for different air rifles, calibers and pellets meaning you can use this chronograph for all your needs. All the instructions you need are found in the app.

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As you can see in the images below, you can attach the chronograph underneath the barrel of your air rifle, which is a nifty little feature. The FX chronograph can be used in any weather thanks to the radar technology, even at night. Since the radar technology doesn’t use light, you are sorted. All you need to do is attach the chrono to the muzzle, open the app and start shooting, the app will call out your string shots as you go on. It is powered by 3xAAA batteries, so no need to worry about finding a plug socket.

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So to sum up,- a light, easy transportable chronograph for just £149.99.

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