• December 2, 2020

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New 2020 Hawke Sidewinder Scopes

2020 Hawke Sidewinder Scopes New for 2020, These Hawke Sidewinder’s are the so called, must have high performance multi-discipline scopes. Much improved on the previous models, the all new Sidewinder’s have had a huge upgrade – The scope is built with the H5 optical platform.     The upgrades on the optic include lighter, stronger, […]


FX Airguns Wireless Chronograph

The FX Wireless Chronograph A chronograph is one of an air-gunners favourite tools. Some chronographs are large and not easily transportable, but now you have this awesome wireless pocket chronograph from FX. Using a Chronograph is a good way to test the health of your rifle and to make sure that you’re not exceeding the […]