All New Umarex Legends M1A1 Legendary

 All New Umarex Legends M1A1 Legendary
All new Umarex legend M1A1

The Umarex Tommy Blowback Air Rifle

Air rifles are changing all the time, and maybe you’re looking for a classic and want to go back in time? Well, this all new Umarex Legend M1A1 air rifle may just be the solution.

The Thompson aka Tommy Gun was created in 1920 by designer John T Thompson. You either saw it with the drum magazine, which held 50 or 100 rounds, or a stick magazine that consisted of 20-30 rounds.

Tommy gun

Tommy gun






The Thompson was almost created for the first world war, as it was set to be the “trench sweeper”, chambered at the same caliber as the colt 1911 (.45). The prototype was created just as the war ended.

The Tommy gun then become famous in the US prohibition era for falling into gangster’s hands. The rifle then was acquired by the USA army in 1928 and used in World war 2 by both the British and USA army.

ww2 ww2

The all new Umarex Legend M1A1

Umarex M1A1 Legend

Umarex M1A1 Legend Gold





  • Feel the realistic weight and 100 years of history when you pick up this amazing replica M1A1 BB air rifle.
  • The semi-automatic, 4.5mm caliber steel BB rifle has a full metal frame with a smooth bore, 12” barrel and fixed front and rear sights.
  • The M1A1 styled replica has a 30-round, drop-free high capacity magazine that incorporates two, 12-gram CO2 cartridges.

It’s length is 80.5cm overall, weighing in at 3.5KG, and it has a manual safety.

Check out the Umarex Legends Air Rifle’s here

Keep an eye out as we will be featuring these more in the future!


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