Umarex Legends Cowboy Rifle

 Umarex Legends Cowboy Rifle

Cowboy Co2 Rifle

Its take Umarex a long time to replicate this cowboy rifle, its here now but was it worth the wait?

It is very near the ideal size, appearance and weight of the close replica of the famous Winchester Model 1894.

Cartridge loading Cowboy rifle
Sideload Cartridges Cowboy gun

What’s more is that it lots using individual “cartridges’ ‘ — every one is pre-loaded using a single 4.5mm BB then the loaded cartridge is pushed to the side loading gate. The same as the firearm original. Better still, working the lever actions ejects the empty cartridge skywards in the activity — exactly like the winchester model 1894 cowboy gun!

This is an excellent operational realism that can’t help but bring a smile to your face!

Thus, the operational precision of this Legends Cowboy Rifle is just outstanding!

Also outstanding is the rifle stock. Yes, even though the rifles buttstock and forend are made from plastic & not wood it really does look outstanding. Honestly it genuinely looks like wood ive never seen anything like it.

The pictures try to show how good it looks but its not until you’re up close to the gun that you appreciate it. It really looks and even feels just like”real tree timber”. I am not kidding — it is actually exceptional and waaaaay better than every other imitation wood result I’ve seen previously.

12g Co2 Umarex Rifle
Umarex Cowboy Rifle 12g CO2

The 2 x 12g Co2 capsules are placed into the buttocks”back to back” and kept in position with the metallic spacer. The buttplate doubles because the piercing pin twist thread and locks back in place when the cartridges are pierced.

We love this rifle, its such great fun & thats said after shooting ££££ rifles, if you don’t believe us then see the products reviews from customers & our youtube video.

Umarex Legends Cowboy Rifle

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